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Goal Met! + Other Updates

Hello everyone! I hope everyone’s 2017 is treating them well so far. March was busy but good, one of the highlights was completing the Anthem 5K in Louisville. I’ve completed this race before but it felt different this time. I ran more in this race than I ever did in my training sessions and it felt good and empowering. I honestly wish that I could do it again and so I’m going to keep an eye out for another one in the fall.

This morning was the first time I stepped on the scale in over a month. It didn’t seem like my weight was budging and I thought it might be a good idea to skip the scale for a bit. I stepped on the scale and I saw a number I hadn’t seen since August ’14 — the 240s. I assumed I didn’t have all my weight on the scale and stepped on it again and it gave me the exact same number.

Y’all don’t even realize how happy that made me. When I first began “doing better” last spring it was a really dark time for me. I was nearing 300lbs, I had constant back pain and was developing sciatic pain. I was severely depressed and disappointed in myself. What I’m feeling today is a complete 180 from that time. I have back pain from time to time but it’s not as debilitating as before, and I find I only experience it when I’m not active or do something stupid. Along with medication and exercise I haven’t experienced depression like before — thank god.

My big weight goal is to hit 240 and I’m close. 240 is where I first began in 2011 when I lost weight initially. It’s not going to be a walk in the park but I feel like when I hit 240 it’s going to be easier to keep the motivation. For now, here’s a super addicting song to workout to! Enjoy and feel free to share anything you’re digging at the moment.

Getting Started Playlists

5K Motivation: Spotify Playlist

I signed up for the Anthem 5K next month and I have been attempting to train for it. I use the term train loosely… I have been exercising but I haven’t been following a strict training schedule. I’ve done this race before, and it was my first 5K then, and so I’m not worried.

I’ve been working on a playlist to keep me going, and I have been listening to it non-stop even when I’m not working out. I’ve made a number of workout playlists over the years and this is my favorite one. Now that I’m done editing it completely, I thought I should make it public and share it with YOU! The playlist is embedded down below and can be accessed here if you’re having issues accessing it on a mobile device.

I’ve also dedicated a page to spotify playlists and you can access it through the menu. I have 10 shared at the moment and I’m already working on a new one.

5K Motivationa super energizing playlist to keep you going.

You don’t need a premium account to use these playlists, just keep in mind you’ll hear ads from time to time with a free account. Enjoy!

Day to Day Races

The Color Run + other updates

I probably should dust off this blog… I’ve been writing with a few others about my mini-marathon training at the Louisville Sports Commission blog, and any ideas I have to write about tend to go over there. I’m planning to write down ideas as they come to me so I can keep this blog active as well.

The Color Run

This past weekend I completed The Color Run alongside a few of my closest friends. What an unforgettable experience it was. I say that not only in a good way but also because I got sick not long after I finished. The night before I felt suddenly feverish at dinner, and I woke up feeling OK. Cue to me puking on the Great Lawn (lol) and in the port-a-potties after I finished. Thankfully, it didn’t happen during the race. I have to laugh at it now because this was the first race my boyfriend came out to and I puked right in front of him. Clearly, the honeymoon period is over… hahaha. I missed out on the color throw because I was sick but I will be there next year. Here are a couple of photos from the race:

Annual check-up

Usually the week before my birthday I go in for an annual checkup. For once, I wasn’t told: “you need to lose weight”. I was reminded where my BMI needed to be, however, there was no real scolding over it since she saw a difference in my weight, and my blood pressure in her words was “excellent”. The only thing she scolded me over was the fact I didn’t check the box saying that I flossed daily. Things could be worse… While I was there, I set up an appointment with a nutritionist. Hopefully, that will be helpful.

Mini marathon training

I’ve been trying to run more often to get ready for the mini, and quite honestly it’s been slow going with the heat. I’ll get there. My recent post on the LSC’s site was a few reasons why I wanted to do a mini, I thought I’d share those here too.

I want to say I did it.

I started my lifestyle change in September, and come November, I want to say I did a 5K, 10K, 10-miler, and a mini-marathon in 2012. Even if this is the only year I challenge myself to races, I want to say I did it.

To break up the monotany.

We all know that doing the same workout routine gets boring and eventually makes you plateau if you’re trying to lose weight. I want to keep up the exercise habit I have and keep things interesting. Hopefully between training for this mini, strength training that gets regularly changed, and walking I won’t be bored.

To challenge not only my body but also my mind.

Food and exercising are the biggest mental challenges I face. I spent years rewarding or consoling myself with food; always unhealthy food. I still have days where I binge on food that I shouldn’t. Even as I get healthier and stronger, I know that will still be something I face. However, I’m usually pretty good about figuring out why I did it, and try to learn from it, to keep it from happening as often.
With exercising, I still have to ignore my brain when it tries to tell me I’m tired or I should slow down. I’m not talking about when I’m putting myself into danger, but when I’m trying to cut corners. I know running 13.1 miles is going to be difficult. I’ve been lucky to have friends at my side in previous races, but I’m going to be alone during this race and I’m curious as to how this will go. Will I push myself harder or go easy on myself? Only time will tell, but I hope for pushing myself harder.

Most importantly, to be healthy.

This kind of goes with all of the above, but I want to keep moving no matter what.


10-miler completed .. what’s next?

A little over a week ago, I completed the final race of the Louisville Triple Crown; the 10-miler. When I first signed up for this race, I hadn’t given thought to do the other two races (the 5K and 10K), in retrospect, I am thankful I did. I would not have been prepared for what I was getting myself into.

I was super excited the week of the race, and I might have overtrained a little bit in a fit of excitement. I took the Thursday and Friday before the race off in prep for Saturday. This 10-miler was the biggest challenge I have ever faced physically but I was ready!

Saturday morning came… I felt I had started out strong, but it seemed like I was losing steam through parts of the race, especially through Iroquois Park. My friend Christina stayed by my side throughout the entire race, and I am super thankful for that.

Around mile seven, I was ready for the race to be over. I have walked about 10 miles in the span of a day, but only got up to about 7 miles at one time, and so my body was wondering what I was doing to it. My friend Tim, who wasn’t officially participating in the race, met up with us and finished the last three miles with us. It was such a pleasant surprise to see him and gave me the strength to finish strong.

As we entered the final lap of the 10-miler, my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces greeted us as we entered the stadium. And as we were coming around to the finish line, I saw a beautiful Canon L lens pointed at us from the bleachers. It was my friend Chris, who also completed the Triple Crown and rocked it, he was peeking out from behind his camera and smiling. As we crossed the finish line, my friend Nick was waiting with his camera, too. I am so thankful for supportive friends who came out or waited for us after the race.

By the end of the week, I had completed almost 50 miles; my best week yet! I felt a little sad after it was all over. I don’t really know what’s next for me. I know I’m doing the Color Run in July. I think by then I would be able to run the full 3.1 miles. We’ll see…


10K completed + good news!

I’ve had an awesome week leading up to the 10K I completed this weekend. I’ve been on spring break all week, which was awesome in itself. Before spring break started, I had this idea of all the things I would accomplish with all the free time I would have. I would exercise and eat at home every day, read books, get caught up on my RSS feeds, blog, get caught up on one of my classes, get ahead in others, etc. Of course, a few of those things happened, but I didn’t feel like doing others. I had the chance to spend more time with my three-month-old niece, who is so cute and I could watch her all day. Can you blame me:

Moving on…! I’ve been stuck around 27-28 lbs lost for a while, and I finally broke 30 lbs earlier this week. 30 pounds wasn’t really a goal I set, but it’s always nice when you hit that next big number. In all honesty, I wasn’t getting too frustrated with my weight being stuck. I know my diet can always be better, but my clothes were still getting loose. As long as the latter was happening, I wasn’t too concerned about the scale. I began a new strength training routine about a week and a half ago, so I assume that’s what got the weight moving.

As the week progressed, I finished two workouts with the new strength training routine along with the HIIT workout I’ve been doing. I decided to not do anything too crazy on Thursday and Friday and simply did some walking to get ready for Saturday. I set my alarm for 5am and woke up 45 minutes before my alarm on Saturday. I felt pretty rested; well as rested as you can feel at 4:15 in the morning! I stretched and took my time getting ready.

Before the race, the sun was coming up between the downtown buildings, right behind the start line. It was absolutely gorgeous, however, it lost its beauty as we had to run right into the sun. heh. I struggled to keep up with Christina and Jamie at times. I don’t know if I wasn’t as hydrated as I should’ve been or something else entirely. I’d catch up and then fall back, and then have to jog back up to them, and repeat. It was becoming a bit frustrating at times because it felt like I was having to jog 1/2 the race just to stay ahead. I know it wasn’t that much, but it was definitely more than I’ve ever jogged at one time. I’ll talk to my trainer and see if there’s anything I can do differently.

All in all, it was a good race. I averaged a 15:44 mile, and beat my time at the 5K, and hopefully will beat this time at the 10-miler. I didn’t feel as sore and exhausted after the 10K as I did at the 5K. Maybe because I knew what to expect this time around. I did have two naps and some soreness yesterday and some soreness today, but nothing I can’t get over. Happy Monday!


My first 5K

I decided not long after posting about the Papa John’s 10-miler that I would go ahead and do the Anthem 5K and Rodes City Run 10K that lead up to that race. It would be extra training for the 10-miler if nothing else.

The race was set to begin at 8am on Saturday, so I left home around 5:30am. Leaving the house, I was pretty sure I would never do this again after this month. Getting up at 5am on a Saturday seems so unnatural. I quickly got over it once we got there. The atmosphere was nice, lots of runners warming up in the street. Jamie and I walked around a little bit to keep warm while we waited for Christina.

Being that this was my first race, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After crossing the start line, Christina started weaving in between people to get ahead and actually have room to move. It was fun having to jog in between people to keep up with her. We didn’t do any running through the race but jogged toward the end and across the finish line. I didn’t get to catch up with other friends running in the race (Chris, Corey, and Karen) but it was nice sharing the road with them.

Even though a 5K isn’t a big deal to most, it was a big deal to me crossing that finish line. I felt so accomplished, especially having burned about 700 calories during the race. I’ve never been an athletic person, and it feels nice having these races to look forward to. It’s one more step in the right direction.

After the race, I headed to Whole Foods and picked up a few things. I don’t try to reward myself with food anymore, but I did pick up a fruit tart to indulge in later in the day. I think I deserved it, and it was mostly fruit. 🙂

I am so appreciative to Jamie and Christina, and friends who sent messages before and after the race. I really don’t think I would’ve made it this far on my own without their support.