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5K Motivation: Spotify Playlist

I signed up for the Anthem 5K next month and I have been attempting to train for it. I use the term train loosely… I have been exercising but I haven’t been following a strict training schedule. I’ve done this race before, and it was my first 5K then, and so I’m not worried.

I’ve been working on a playlist to keep me going, and I have been listening to it non-stop even when I’m not working out. I’ve made a number of workout playlists over the years and this is my favorite one. Now that I’m done editing it completely, I thought I should make it public and share it with YOU! The playlist is embedded down below and can be accessed here if you’re having issues accessing it on a mobile device.

I’ve also dedicated a page to spotify playlists and you can access it through the menu. I have 10 shared at the moment and I’m already working on a new one.

5K Motivationa super energizing playlist to keep you going.

You don’t need a premium account to use these playlists, just keep in mind you’ll hear ads from time to time with a free account. Enjoy!



When I first started out exercising, I quickly realized that music was going to make or break my workout. I made the mistake of putting my iPhone on shuffle when I walked, and I think I spent more time shuffling through songs than I enjoyed the walk. I finally stopped being lazy and created playlists. I also stopped being such a music snob and downloaded music I wouldn’t normally listen to. You really can’t work out hard and listen to music like Ryan Adams…unfortunately!

After sending song suggestions to a few people, I decided I should share them with everyone. I’ve created three playlists thus far, and really the songs aren’t in any particular order. I always stick my iPhone on shuffle to break up the monotony. My mixes are always work in progress, but I hope you’ll enjoy them! And if you need even more music, I highly recommend the Sun Run series from RockMyRun!

Get Moving – Part I (Spotify link)

Get Moving – Part II (Spotify link)

Get Moving – Part III (Spotify link)

**This is my first time linking to my Spotify playlists, let me know if you have any issues.

Photo via Pexels.