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Day to Day Getting Started Playlists

Things I’m (re)learning + Spotify playlist

This week was pretty good and it certainly helped to hit this goal. I don’t feel like I can notice a difference in my body or how things are fitting, and I certainly don’t expect anyone else to notice. I have noticed my mental health is better since I’ve started exercising and watching what I ate a few weeks back. I’m not saying those two things cure depression and anxiety because I know they’ve never worked for me by themselves. They help for a while but the underlying issues always come out. While I am still on anti-depressants, I am only taking them when I start to feel anxious. Typically it’s once a week but I was able to go about two days longer than normal this week, which I am happy about. Taking it once seems to curb the feeling without making me feel numb. The end game is to get off of them so long as things continue to improve.

Things I’m (re)learning:

What’s working for me:
I haven’t been utilizing a gym because the weather has been cool enough to walk and I have TRX for strength training. Typically, I prefer to be outside rather than in a gym anyway. I also prefer to take multiple leisurely walks (15-30 minutes) as opposed to one really hard walk.

Fitness professionals: is this wrong? I’m trying to figure out the way I can keep up with this long-term and this seems to work best for my schedule. Doing it this way gives me energy and keeps me motivated throughout the day.

Sometimes you have to listen to your body and rest
I typically stay the night with my parents one night a week to break up my commute during the week and visit my family. I went down with the intention of walking on the farm for a bit and instead I napped on the couch for 3 hours. I felt guilty because I didn’t walk but I clearly needed the rest.

In case you’ve been living under a rock during the past week, you have to listen to ^^ this ^^ new single from Justin Timberlake! It’s a super fun song and makes you dance, dance, dance when you listen to it, and this week is worth celebrating!

I also put together a short playlist (~30 minutes) if you’re interested in using the next time you’re working out.

**If you can’t view this on your mobile device, click here.


Good riddance, old clothes!

I asked my twitter followers this not too long ago: if you’re losing weight, do you get rid of your clothes than no longer fit or hold on to them?

The consensus seemed to be to get rid of them. In the back of my mind I wanted to get rid of them, and needed confirmation that it was OK to do so. To me, hanging onto these clothes was in some ways holding on to the past. Holding onto them makes me feel like this change isn’t permanent, and I should hold onto them for when I get big again. However, I’m not going to let that happen.

Getting smaller and spending way too much time on Pinterest has piqued my interest in fashion. When I look at the things I’m getting rid of, I see a lot of drab clothes. Not a lot of color; dark colors are your friend when you want to look smaller right? I see my clothing choices as a reflection of how I felt in life before. I didn’t want to stand out, I was scared to take chances, and generally unhappy.

via pinterest

I’ve been looking at clothes in stores on and off and I’ve been disappointed by most of the trends out there. It seems like oversized clothes are still in. I’m working hard to lose weight, I don’t want to look like a shapeless bag. C’mon… After some major searching, I finally found a couple goodies, here are a few samples:

The top above is from Lauren Conrad’s collection at Kohl’s (link). All of her clothes were adorable off the rack but most looked silly on me or fit weird in the chest. I checked a few Kohl’s and could only find this pattern in L; I’m currently in a XL. I bought it because I loved the pattern, and later found a XL online. I’m thinking I’ll keep the L so I can enjoy it longer. No, I’m not crazy, it’s simply hard for me to find clothes I actually like and look good on me.

The top above is the same style as the shirt above, simply a different pattern. (link)

I bought myself a new dress, too. I typically don’t bother looking at Forever21 because of the issues I have with current trends. However, I found this gem of a dress and it actually looked good on me. (link)

I thought this belt might also go well with the new tops and dress. (link)

For those of you, who have lost enough weight to require buying new clothes, did you get rid of your old clothes?