Best Youtube Channels for Healthy Eating

Today is my birthday (!!!) and I felt like giving back. Here is a list of some of my favorite inspiring healthy eating channels. In addition, there are some general videos on kitchen skills that I’ll link to at the end. I hope you find some inspiration here as well. If you have favorites that I didn’t mention, please comment below!

Mind Over Munch

“It’s all a matter of mind over munch!”
Alyssia’s channel Mind Over Munch is one of my favorite channels; if not my favorite channel. She is consistent with her uploads, super positive, knowledgeable without being preachy, and her editing skills are on point! For those who are vegetarian and vegan, she has recipes for you too!

Alyssia created a fantastic series for Bento Box Lunches that blew me away. She made 30 short videos in 30 days and they were so creative! You can binge watch that series below.

Fit Men Cook

I randomly stumbled upon Kevin’s videos last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. Kevin encourages experimenting and being creative in the kitchen. He has a great personality and an infectious smile.

If I recall correctly, he shares the macros for all of the recipes. Lately, he’s been posting more keto-friendly recipes for those of you doing keto. There are also vegan and vegetarian recipes too. In addition, if English isn’t your first language he offers Spanish subtitles as well.

Fit Couple Cooks

I aspire to be like Stephanie and Adam! They post a lot of meal prep videos if you’re looking for more channels like that. I try to meal prep the best I can, but let’s be real; it’s typically done the night before. They showcase low-carb, vegetarian, and vegan recipes. In addition, they offer calories and macros information for all of their recipes!


Below are random videos I’ve found that are helpful if you simply want to increase your knowledge in the kitchen.

This videos gives you information on which pans you should use and why.

Jamie Oliver demonstrates to teenagers that they can cook, and for much less than eating out, and gives them a lesson on how to chop safely.

Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen essentials — great for those starting out.

Gordon Ramsay demonstrates a few helpful tips from chopping herbs, ripening up food, how to cut difficult foods, and lots more.

COMING SOON: I’ll be sharing my recommendations for my favorite blogs and cookbooks! Let me know if you want to see anything else!


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