This page contains a master list of playlists I’ve created using Spotify. These have been tried and true playlists that I’ve personally put together, tweaked as I went along, and published over the years. I tend to listen to a lot of catchy pop, mixes, and electronic music when I work out, it simply works out best for me and keeps me going. I hope these work out for you. Feel free to comment with your favorite songs of the moment!

Geek to Fit: 5K Motivation (link)

Geek to Fit: Volume 1 (link)

Geek to Fit: Volume 2 (link)

Geek to Fit: Volume 3 (link)

Geek to Fit: Volume 4 (link)

Get Moving (link)

Get Moving 2 (link)

Get Moving 3 (link)

Get Moving 4 (link)

Get Moving 5 (link)

Last updated March 2018