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June 2016

Transparency Thursday

Transparency Thursday

This week has mostly been good aside from some physical pain from my neck and back. I haven’t been to the chiropractor in months so I was way overdue for an adjustment. I tried a new chiropractor that’s close to my work and he was far too rough. I couldn’t turn my head the following day, needless to say, the hunt for a chiropractor near my work is still on. One of the many reasons I want to get this weight off is to experience pain-free days. While my back doesn’t cause me excruciatingly pain everyday, my lower back is almost always tender to the touch, and I know it’s weight related.

Thankfully, the physical pain only made me emotionally eat once this week. It was a trigger food (spaghetti) and I forgave myself immediately after, and ate well the next day. Typically when I’ve emotionally eaten in the past, it takes me a while to bounce back, especially when it’s with something like spaghetti. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a couple months into my journey and I know one day won’t break me. The same goes with eating well, one day isn’t going to make me fit either, it’s the culmination of good days and moderation. I have to say that since counting my calories, I’ve craved spaghetti significantly less. I didn’t go back to confirm but this might’ve been the only time I’ve had spaghetti since starting. Before I would eat spaghetti 1-2x/week and I was eating close to 3-4 servings at a time. Not good.

Cory and I took advantage of YMCA’s free guest passes and visited the two gyms closest to our house this past week. The Y is expensive in comparison to what we’re paying at Planet Fitness, and we actually experienced better customer service at PF. Cory has the Black Card and so I can go for free so long as he’s with me. He’s fine with PF because it fits his needs but I feel uninspired when we go. The biggest lure to the Y for me is the indoor track and indoor pools. Something you may or may not know about me: I can’t swim. I love being in the pool, and over the years I’ve been telling myself “it would be really nice to learn how to swim.” I’m now to the point where I want to learn to swim, especially after watching the Olympic Swimming Trials last night. We’ll see if we can swing the Y in our budget.

I hope you all are having a fantastic week and are reaching your goals. Let me know what you’ve been doing this week in terms of health!

Transparency Thursday is a weekly series about how things are really going whether positive or negative. I want to keep things honest because this is going to be a lifestyle for me, and I do hope I can help someone.

Transparency Thursday

Transparency Thursday

I’m beginning a new series here called Transparency Thursday. I’m going to attempt to blog weekly about how things are really going whether positive or negative. I want to keep things honest because this is going to be a lifestyle for me, and I do hope I can help someone. First bit of transparency: it’s now Friday when I’m posting this! ;P

Summer has definitely hit here and it’s zapped any motivation I’ve had toward exercising the last couple of weeks. While my wallet is happy I’m not spending extra money on a gym membership, it does suck when the weather is miserable. One of the (many) problems with not exercising is I’ve been used to eating a certain amount of calories because I’ve been exercising, and so I’ve found myself going over my calorie allotment for the day. This in turn, discourages me, which leads me to treating myself more than I need, and with unhealthy food. Thankfully, I’ve only gained about 3 lbs as a result but I want to curb this habit.

The last two weeks I’ve felt like a failure. I’m only on day 62 so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. Being “off the wagon” for about two weeks has made me more aware that I’m not a happy person when I’m not exercising, or eating well, or reaching my goals. I’ve definitely experienced a number of mood swings in this short amount of time, which has left me depressed or angry. I’ve been irritable AF. Just ask Cory.

Thankfully, a couple days ago, I got tired of being negative and started counting calories again. I made time to go to the grocery and pick up food that isn’t so calorie heavy to have for breakfast and lunch this week. Just the act of going to the grocery made me feel better. I’ve been trying to make a little time to walk here and there even if I’m miserable in the heat.

I think the thing that really has my mind in the right place is the program I attended at work today. Our theme for Summer Reading this year is exercising your mind and body. The program today featured one of the owners of a local gym I used to attend, whom I really look up to. The discussion today was the power of exercise, both chemically and emotionally, and how it can stave off diseases. I left feeling motivated and ready to jump back into things. If you’re reading this, Lisa: thank you!

How is everyone doing this week? See you all next week!