WotD: Charlestown State Park

For the past couple of months I’ve been wanting to visit Charlestown State Park, and this weekend seemed like the perfect time to visit. The park is about 30 minutes from our apartment so it kinda felt like a mini-trip which was nice.

Both of us aren’t in the best of shape and so we opted for the easiest trail, which was Trail 7. However, to get to trail 7, you also have to do about 1/2 mile of Trail 3. Trail 3 was labeled as a moderate trail. I never know what that really means because it seems subjective. It didn’t look that bad on the map, it’s just 1/2 mile. It’ll be fine.

Charlestown State Park Map

Off we go!Off we go!

This isn't so bad!
See? This isn’t so bad!

We were happily surprised that this trail was paved especially given the rain we’ve had recently. We were also beginning to notice this trail is down hill, and all we can see ahead of us is down hill. This is fine for now but we jokingly said it was going to suck coming back. I personally didn’t think much more about it because I was too busy snapping photos.

Nature is so pretty!
Nature is so pretty!

Trail 7 was definitely worth the trip because there’s so many pretty things once we got there. These are just a couple photos.

Nature is so pretty!

This was my favorite picture from the hike!

As we came back around to where we began Trail 7, we could either finish Trail 3, or go back the way we came. We were already feeling the results of going down hill for about 1/2 mile and so we opted for less mileage and go back up that damn hill.

This is Fine comic

Mother f-ing hills!

That photo was only one part of the hill and really doesn’t do it justice for the ridiculousness that it was. We had to stop multiple times because it was *intense*. It turns out that that short 1/2 mile, that I didn’t think would be that bad, was equivalent to 25 flights of stairs. This was literally me:

Hot - Key & Peele

It was super challenging but we did it! I think we might even try to do it once a month. What are you doing to treat yourself well?

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  • Reply
    Rebecca Jo
    May 9, 2016 at 10:23 am

    Good for you pushing yourself on a hard trail.
    Go back & do it again – you’ll see & FEEL the difference :)

    • Reply
      May 13, 2016 at 10:43 pm

      Thank you, Rebecca! I’m not sure we’ll get to it this weekend. I’m definitely up for it but perhaps next weekend! :)

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