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The Color Run + other updates

I probably should dust off this blog… I’ve been writing with a few others about my mini-marathon training at the Louisville Sports Commission blog, and any ideas I have to write about tend to go over there. I’m planning to write down ideas as they come to me so I can keep this blog active as well.

The Color Run

This past weekend I completed The Color Run alongside a few of my closest friends. What an unforgettable experience it was. I say that not only in a good way but also because I got sick not long after I finished. The night before I felt suddenly feverish at dinner, and I woke up feeling OK. Cue to me puking on the Great Lawn (lol) and in the port-a-potties after I finished. Thankfully, it didn’t happen during the race. I have to laugh at it now because this was the first race my boyfriend came out to and I puked right in front of him. Clearly, the honeymoon period is over… hahaha. I missed out on the color throw because I was sick but I will be there next year. Here are a couple of photos from the race:

Annual check-up

Usually the week before my birthday I go in for an annual checkup. For once, I wasn’t told: “you need to lose weight”. I was reminded where my BMI needed to be, however, there was no real scolding over it since she saw a difference in my weight, and my blood pressure in her words was “excellent”. The only thing she scolded me over was the fact I didn’t check the box saying that I flossed daily. Things could be worse… While I was there, I set up an appointment with a nutritionist. Hopefully, that will be helpful.

Mini marathon training

I’ve been trying to run more often to get ready for the mini, and quite honestly it’s been slow going with the heat. I’ll get there. My recent post on the LSC’s site was a few reasons why I wanted to do a mini, I thought I’d share those here too.

I want to say I did it.

I started my lifestyle change in September, and come November, I want to say I did a 5K, 10K, 10-miler, and a mini-marathon in 2012. Even if this is the only year I challenge myself to races, I want to say I did it.

To break up the monotany.

We all know that doing the same workout routine gets boring and eventually makes you plateau if you’re trying to lose weight. I want to keep up the exercise habit I have and keep things interesting. Hopefully between training for this mini, strength training that gets regularly changed, and walking I won’t be bored.

To challenge not only my body but also my mind.

Food and exercising are the biggest mental challenges I face. I spent years rewarding or consoling myself with food; always unhealthy food. I still have days where I binge on food that I shouldn’t. Even as I get healthier and stronger, I know that will still be something I face. However, I’m usually pretty good about figuring out why I did it, and try to learn from it, to keep it from happening as often.
With exercising, I still have to ignore my brain when it tries to tell me I’m tired or I should slow down. I’m not talking about when I’m putting myself into danger, but when I’m trying to cut corners. I know running 13.1 miles is going to be difficult. I’ve been lucky to have friends at my side in previous races, but I’m going to be alone during this race and I’m curious as to how this will go. Will I push myself harder or go easy on myself? Only time will tell, but I hope for pushing myself harder.

Most importantly, to be healthy.

This kind of goes with all of the above, but I want to keep moving no matter what.

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